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Just ACTS LLC endeavors to heighten consciousness and foster evidence-based dialogue on inclusion, access and equity by delivering social justice-oriented education, resources, programming, and support in workspaces spanning gender and sexuality spectrums, with a focus on intersectional identities, while minimizing mental, emotional, and physical harm.

Just ACTS is certified in Ohio by Plexus, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce) as an LGBTQ+ business. We are now a member of the women-center business network HerHub.

We provide factual, motivational, and community-centered services, offering various opportunities to enhance equity and access in your place of business.


Equity is a journey 

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Great Feedback

 Thanks to Just ACTS, I now know how to be more aware of addressing transgender [communities] by their preferred pronouns, to be more supportive in allowing clients in the LGBTQ community to form their own opinion rather than suggesting they adapt to others.

I learned about mirroring the terms back to the person, just being a safe person, and being open- minded. All the terms are a great tool to refer back to. I will be keeping them handy when I feel like I need more knowledge!

Wow! I learned that pronouns and identity is always changing and it's important to be up to date. I learned even if I don't know, I can mirror language to best support my clients. I can't wait for the next training!

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Don't hesitate to obtain your SafeZone training and become part of the expanding network of providers dedicated to fostering equitable and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

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