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Meet Sheena Barnes, Founder of Just ACTS LLC™

Sheena Barnes, the visionary founder of Just ACTS LLC™, brings years of rich experience in community engagement and stands as a leading expert in trauma-informed care and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sheena is deeply passionate about addressing the connections between trauma and negative behaviors in youth and is a fervent advocate for resources dedicated to youth crisis intervention.

A Leader in Education and Community Service

In 2019 and again in 2023, Toledo voters elected Sheena to serve on the Toledo Public Schools Board of Education, recognizing her dedication and expertise. Her commitment to community service extends to her active involvement on the boards of several prominent organizations, including:

  • Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center

  • Scouts of America for Erie Shores Council

  • The National Black Justice Coalition

  • The Buckeye Flame

Championing Intersectional Inclusion

During her tenure as the Executive Director of Equality Toledo, an organization serving the LGBTQ+ community in Northwest Ohio, Sheena identified a critical gap in addressing intersectional oppression. She realized the need for discussions that encompass the multifaceted identities impacting individuals—such as race, age, religion, disability status, and other social factors. This insight led her to incorporate intersectionality into training and best practices for LGBTQ+ support.

The Birth of Just ACTS LLC™

With a profound understanding of the importance of intersectionality, Sheena founded Just ACTS LLC™ in 2019. Her mission: to create a more inclusive and equitable society by providing training and resources that empower individuals and organizations to embrace diversity and promote justice.

Join Sheena and Just ACTS LLC™ in making a difference through empowerment, affirmation, and inclusion.


Former Executive Director of Equality Toledo

Conversation Between Colleagues

Always advocating for racial and gender equity.


Proud Toledo Public Schools Board member

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The Chronicles of My Path

2019: A trailblazing triumph: the first openly LGBT/Queer Woman of Color elected to a School Board in Northwest Ohio.

2019: Black Lives Matter award given by Community Solidarity Response Network

2019: Archived in The Library of United States Congress

2020: Equality Ohio's endorsement of Ohio advocacy award

2021: The LGBTQ Plus Leadership Award received from Ohio Diversity Council award.

*A distinguished expert in trauma awareness and treatment.

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